Kiz’n The 6ix Weekend Bash was launched in 2016 as an extension of DJ NS’ Scorpio Bash series. Following two consecutive successful editions, DJ NS Kiz’n The 6ix Weekend Bash is now the largest Kizomba-related event of its kind in Ontario and is also a reference of high-quality Kizomba events in Canada. Dj NS understands and embraces the concept of unity, and holds a mandate to collaborate with existing nights, promoters and venues that are evolving in the dance community in a way to encompass a broader audience, promote the city, and, most importantly, be cost-efficient for the guests. If you understand the concept of UBER and Airbnb, then you will know that Kiz'n the 6ix is an event where the words customizing and freedom takes a whole new dimension. Kiz'n the 6ix is all about sharing the love of dancing while giving you the best and the most value for your money.